For The Shame of New Blackery

Black Millennials

When a certain cohort of Black celebrities attain class privilege, they turn into New Blacks. The term coined by Pharrell, is an old concept in 21st century window dressing. New Blackery is respectability politics magnified by the coveted access, resources, and luxuries that a large bank account brings. With an elevated class status, New Blacks forget the lens by which lower and middle class Black people view racism and race relations because such a lens doesn’t help their brand or bottom line.

When we see a dead Black body laid in the street for over four and half hours, we see a tradition of racist oppression, in which Black bodies are targeted, captured, and killed by a network of institutional racism every 28 hours … not a bully. To us, bullies are those members of law enforcement, vigilantes, and their barely-guised racist supporters who, collectively, uphold these racist systems…

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CEBU CITY,  Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) –  Male foreigners who have the intention to marry Filipinas will have to first show they have money, according to a new bill that recently passed the Philippines’ House of Representatives.

The bill, authored by former Cebu governor and current third district Representative Gwendolyn Garcia, is meant to protect Filipino women against exploitation.

Garcia said that many so-called mail-order brides end up being battered by their husbands or worse, forced into prostitution and other degrading and dehumanizing occupations.

“Since there is no way to prove that love is the major motivation for these male foreigners in marrying their Filipina girlfriends, at least we can demand that they show proof that they have enough funds to support their future wives,” Garcia said.

Garcia stopped short of legislating a “reverse dowry” system, in which, the groom will pay cash or in-kind gifts to…

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On Malcolm, Martin and that X-Men Analogy Thing

It never occurred to me that the X-Men could be read as anything other than an analogy for civil rights. Well written!

Phenderson Djèlí Clark

malcolmmagnetoOn the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the activist, orator and the man once referred to in eulogy by the late Ossie Davis as “Our Shining Black Prince,” El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (most commonly known as Malcolm X), I quite foolishly decide to wade into that whole X-Men analogy thingy. Of course I’ve been warned. Of course I know better. But since when has that stopped me? So then, let’s do this thing.

And that supremely bad ass Malcolm & Magneto mash-up art you’re seeing, is courtesy of the amazing John Jennings and his 2012-2013 exhibit Black Kirby. If yuh dunno, now yuh know.

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